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About Us

Hi and welcome to PUNKY KAT, for Kitties with Kattitude!

The brand BY cat-owners FOR cat-owners!

PUNKY KAT 'cat'ers to Ailurophiles(cat-lovers). Our unique and ‘purr’emium quality products are the ‘purr’fect way to keep your cat 'paws''itively

healthy, happy and LOVED.

Simply put, CATS RULE and we ADORE them!! Being cat-owners ourselves, we understand how vitally important it is to have a happy cat who is well cared for

and loved. It affects not only the quality of their health but yours as well.

There is no greater feeling in your heart than when your cat decides to

jump up on your lap, settle in and that loud purring motor starts

humming away with Love.

We are a NEW brand that cares about providing the highest quality products &

stylish accessories possible to assure your fur-baby lives a healthy, fun, happy,

stress-free, extended life, so that you can keep them as a family member for as

long as possible!

Since we have high standards and want only the best for our little guys, we also want the best for your fluff-balls and we take great care to source and design only the highest quality cat products on the market at great value which reflects both yours and your cat’s personal style. We rigorously test every product ourselves and only bring to market products and accessories that we trust will nurture our cats and make them feel loved and cared for. As feline aficionados, our standards are high, because we intrinsically know that all our ‘little ones’ crave is the same

mutual affection for which they are here in the first place.


Our brand was ins’purr’ired by our cat, Punky, who was a semi-feral, mischievous little guy that wormed his way into our hearts and finally tamed us. After 12 years

of hanging out in our house, coming and going as he pleased through the cat-door and getting along with our other indoor/outdoor cats, all the while hissing at us if we got too close, he finally allowed himself to be vulnerable enough to

let us pick him up, pet him and cuddle with him. That’s a lot of trust and love.

He passed away in the Fall of ‘17 but is in our hearts every day as

we carry on his ‘punky’ spirit with our brand.


Meet the PUNKY KAT Team !

beautiful smiling brunette girl and her
Kat Sommers

Customer Service


Purroduct Tester

Man with a cat.jpg
Tom Farinday

Product Developer

Our Team
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