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'Meowdicinal Catnipbis'

Purremium Catnip and Valerian Blend

One whiff of our irresistible 'Meowdicinal Catnipbis' and your little niphead will be purring for more! Free from pesticides, grown by farmers in North America and finely ground by our team, this Catnip/Valerian Root blend will bring out your cat's inner kitten. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon or two on your cat's play area, bed, scratching post or in their refillable catnip toys and watch them light up with excitement! Comes in a 3oz. resealable pouch to maintain freshness.

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  • CAT WEED SO STRONG, YOU'LL SWEAR IT'S NOT LEGAL - We add organic Valerian Root, another herb known for being a powerful cat magnet; More effective than catnip alone; Boosts attraction by 23%; Produces a longer-lasting, higher potency bliss buzz; One whiff and your punkster will be purring for more!

  • NO SHARP STEMS KEEP CATS SAFE - Being cat-owners ourselves, your fur-baby’s safety is of utmost importance to us; Our edible ‘weed’ is finely ground to protect against choking; Not having to pick out splintery stems from OUR nip will give you peace of mind; A safe, fun, healthy, anytime treat!

  • VALERIAN AND CATNIP TREATS STRESS AND ANXIETY - New surroundings, a change in routine, an introduction of a new baby or other cat can stress felines out; Both herbs' sedative effects help relax and calm Kitty; Sprinkle in their carrier before a trip to the vet and they'll be pawsitively 'chill'!

  • CREATE PURRECIOUS BONDING MOMENTS - Meowdicinal Catnipbis promotes exercise by stimulating play, boosting a cat's overall health and happiness; Spice up playtime by adding to refillable katnip toys or sprinkle on the floor and grab a camera phone; their krazy antics will create furrever memories!

  • POWERFUL TRAINING TOOL - Cat finicky about using a new bed? Sprinkling catnip on it can make it more inviting; Claw-marks destroying your furniture? A pinch of nip on a scratching post can redirect their natural need to scratch, away from your sofa; Use as a reward to reinforce pawsitive behavior!


is the Kat's MEOW!

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Don't just take our word for it. Watch Aja here go bonkers with just a whiff from an unopened pouch!

" Aja usually doesn't care for catnip; I've never seen her respond like this before! "

        - Allison M.

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