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Cat Has Purrfect Two-Toned Face

This beauty was born with two different colors of fur split right down the middle of her face. One side is a smoky grey, and the other is black onyx. The color combination is stunning but also rare. Cats with this rare type of coloring are called chimera cats. The color happens when two early embryos merge together inside the womb. Before the merge, each embryo already was developed enough in color that when they combine, the rare coloring occurs.

According to Daily Mail, “Although it is a rare occurrence, chimeras can occur across many species – including humans – but most don’t realise they even have the condition. The signs can be subtle, such as patches of different colored hair.”

This cat, which resides in France, is extremely rare, since most chimera cats are black and tortoiseshell. She caught the eye of animal photographer, Jean-Michel Labat, who captured these images.


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